Burnt Toast

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Burnt Toast was a media science fiction fanzine by David Carroll.

Devoted to Dr. Who television series and books, Burnt Toast was published sydney, Australia, in the 1990s, the first issue appearing in February 1990. Although Dr. Who was the focus, the zine also featured book reviews, and essays on other topics.

Cover art work was contributed by Jonathan Barons (#1, #3, #4, #6, #7), and Jonathan Barons with Matthew Milner (#5)

Contributors of articles included Jonathan Barons, Steven Caldwell, David Carroll, Tony Cooke, Sarah and Stephen Groenewegen, Simon Moore, Kate Orman, and Jason Towers.

Contributors of fiction included Jonathan Barons, Steven Caldwell, David Carroll, Simon Moore, Kate Orman, Evangelos Hugo Paliatseas, and David J. Richardson.

Contributors of poetry included Evangelos Hugo Paliatseas

David Carroll also co-published the zine Tabula Rasa with Kyla Ward.