Burn Collector

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Burn Collector
Cover of Burn Collector #13.

Burn Collector is a zine written and published by Al Burian. It is one of the more popular zines in the perzine category. The zine, currently at issue 13, contains stories both from his childhood and his life after college. Al's writing often approaches grim subject matter, like contemplating suicide, the end of the world, or just run-of-the-mill existential despair, in a superbly humorous fashion. Issues 1 through 9 were collected and released as a book by The Buddy System, which is now in its fifth printing. Burn Collector was featured in Volume Two of 1997's Zine Yearbook. Al currently lives in Chicago, and plays in the notable punk bands Milemarker and, until recently, Challenger.

Al has also published Things Are Meaning Less, a collection of comics from the '90s,a perzine/comic called Utopia, and most recently, a travel zine called Natural Disasters now in its second issue.