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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
[http://www.coscomentertainment.com/ Coscom Entertainment's Web site]
[http://www.coscomentertainment.com Coscom Entertainment's Web site]
[http://wemakezines.ning.com/profiles/profile/show?id=APFuchs/ A.P. Fuchs's Profile on We Make Zines]
[http://wemakezines.ning.com/profiles/profile/show?id=APFuchs A.P. Fuchs's Profile on We Make Zines]

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Bumper Sticker Shine

Coscom Entertainment, publisher of superhero and monster-themed fiction, launched a perzine in November 2009 by Coscom Entertainment publisher A.P. Fuchs called Bumper Sticker Shine. The first issue in the bookazine series was called Dry Ice Dreams.

Dryicedreamsthumb.jpg Macromechanicthumb.jpg

The second issue, The Macro Mechanic's Manifesto, will be released December 15, 2009.

Though no stranger to magazines (Coscom Entertainment once publishing a horror magazine called Kopfhalter! and was co-publisher to Insidious Reflections with horror publisher Insidious Publications), 2009 marked the year where the company entered the more traditional zine scene with the introduction of Fuchs's perzine. Yet never one to "follow the norm," Fuchs decided his zine wouldn't just be a standard perzine, but instead adopted the trade paperback format and made it a book-zine hybrid instead.

Bumper Sticker Shine presently contains essays on independent publishing from A.P. Fuchs's personal archive, self-publishing questions, horror fiction, poetry, comics, film reviews and more.

The third issue in the series, Ziggity-zaggity Zombies, is forthcoming and will probably be released sometime in January of 2010.

External Links

Coscom Entertainment's Web site

A.P. Fuchs's Profile on We Make Zines