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* [http://www.brokenpencil.com Broken Pencil]
* [http://www.brokenpencil.com Broken Pencil]
[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:Magazine]][[Category:Review Zine]] [[Category:Website]]
[[Category:Magazine]] [[Category:Review Zine]] [[Category:Website]]
[[Category:Ontario Zines]] [[Category:1990's publications]] [[Category:2000's publications]][[category:Zines from Canada]]
[[Category:1990's publications]] [[Category:2000's publications] ][[category:Zines from Canada]]
[[Category:Musea Zine Hall of Fame]]
[[Category:Musea Zine Hall of Fame]]

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Broken Pencil

Founded in 1995 by Hal Niedzviecki and based in Toronto, Canada, Broken Pencil is a website and a print magazine published three times a year. It is one of the few magazines in the world devoted exclusively to underground culture and the independent arts. A cross between the Utne Reader, an underground Reader’s Digest, and the now defunct Factsheet5, Broken Pencil reviews the best zines, books, websites, videos, and artworks from the underground and reprints the best articles from the alternative press. Also, ground breaking interviews, original fiction, and commentary on all aspects of the independent arts.

From the hilarious to the perverse, Broken Pencil challenges conformity and demands attention.


"Broken Pencil is the entertaining, indispensable guide to zines." - Betsy Powell, the Toronto Star

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