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Brighton Zinefest was held February 21 and 22 2009. The first day consisted of workshops and a gig at the Colwey Club, a libertarian social centre. The following day was the zine fayre at West Hil Community Hall. Both days were a roaring success, with lots of people attending. Candy floss was given away for free, people made a communal zine and the days were filmed and hopefully a short film wil result!


Workshops included:

Making a Communal Zine Bookbinding Vegan Cookery UK Zine Yearbook 2009 How DIY is gender and sexuality in DIY culture? h Screenprinting 101 Papercraft

There were also film showing: $100 & a T-Shirt: A Documentary About Zines in the Northwest


On the Saturday, the bands were Serf Combat, Project Serendipity, North Pole, Top Chess and the Cut Ups.


On the Sunday, there were acoustic sets from PJ and Gaby, Apologies I Have None, Mega Games Two and Liver and Lungs.

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