Brian Le Lay

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Brian Le Lay (as taken from his website): "is the editor for Electric Windmill Monthly, Electric Windmill Books, and Mismatched Socks. He is a poet, author, musician, and photographer. Stand-up comedy aficionado. Although he travels a lot, a piece of his soul will always be nested in New Orleans. He thrives on the anticipation of walking to the post office in the midst of a slight drizzle, though he is generally disappointed with an empty P.O. Box. He aspires to be the mayor of the 21st century. Please do not dissuade him from his delusions. His work has appeared or is forthcoming from The Prism Review, New Wave Vomit, Negative Suck, Record, and > kill author. His book Don't Bury Me in New Jersey is forthcoming from Electric Windmill Books." (

He also writes perzines, several of which are forthcoming in September 2011.