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Bri Zine is a zinester, musician and poet from Kent, Ohio. Bri Zine is an alias, and not the title of a zine.

She was first introduced to zines in 1999 after finding the zine "Positive Youth" in her father's room after he passed away, and soon after read the book "Zine Scene" by Francesca Lia Block and Hilary Carlip. She began publishing her own zines in 2000 and has made 28 zines to date.

She has been in four bands- So Ricki, This City's Silence, Ragdoll Radio, and her current band, Some Sort of Mistress. She attended an arts high school for creative writing and photography, and is currently in her third year of college as an English major and Creative Writing minor. She writes poetry on a regular basis and plans to become a poetry professor, with hopes of infusing her work with zines into her courses.



  • Culture Shock 2000-2002; five issues
  • Rose Petals 2002; two issues
  • Secret Groupie Neglection 2003; one-time zine
  • Candy Sugarless Pleading Protest 2003; two issues
  • Gnosis 2003-2004; eight issues
  • Webster is Sexist 2004; one issue
  • Motor City Kitty 2004-Present; five issues to date
  • Spontaneous Bliss (A 24 Hour Zine) 2005; one-time zine
  • The Art Of Conversation With Yourself (A Gleaner Zine Swap Zine) 2005; one-time zine
  • Simple Things (A Gleaner Zine Swap Zine) 2006; one-time zine
  • Hello Cleveland: This Is Scum and Noise 2005; two issues; made with Alex Spazz and Johnny Scumface

Poetry Anthologies

  • We Do Not See Stars 2005
  • Personal 2005

Contributions to Other Zines

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