Bradley Adita

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Bradley Adita an artist and educator. He is a self-promoting loudmouth, but he is equally or more self-loathing; so take it in steady doses. Adita not only loves promoting himself, but he also loves promoting others. His zine, A Day In The Air, has been a source of interviews as well as his style of art, photography, and psycho-babble rambling about everything and nothing. Adita has also used the internet as a means of expression. His work can be seen at his website,

Other Projects

Adita facilitates the READ Zine Making Party, the event where participants create their own zine page for an issue of READ zine. You can also find him playing music as 'Fauxhawk,' and/or juggling cabbage patch dolls and teacups on Lower Wacker Dr. and at Water Tower Place. On occasion, he has art shows at local bars, coffee houses, and galleries. He can also be found snapping photos at the local rock-punk-indie-techno-hip-hop-sock-hop-whatever-you-call-it down the street.