Boyd Raeburn

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Boyd Raeburn (d. August 13, 2001) was a fanzine editor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Boyd Raeburn was a member of the Toronto Science Fiction Society of the late 1940s and early 1950s that centered around the fanzine Canadian Fandom, and called themselves "The Derelicts".

Raeburn first fanzine, A Bas, was a publication of "The Derelicts" . It was originally intended as a one shot to be sent free to all subscribers of Canadian Fandom. The first issue was put together in one night - starting at 3 PM on Saturday, January 23, 1954 and ending at 5AM on Sunday by Raeburn and friends Albert Lastovica, Howard Lyons, Ron Kidder, Gerald Steward and Kenneth G. Hall. The rest of the run of A Bas was edited by Raeburn on his own. 11 issues were released.