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Blurt! issue #4

Blurt! is a personal zine by Lew Houston, published in Austin, Texas. Lew has published 5 issues of Blurt since it's begininning, including the Blurt #4/ Gullible #27 split zine. Stories include stories about touring, friends, lovers, and consuming tons of beer. Lew's writing is notable for his introspection, and remarkable absence of articles such as "a," "the," "I," etc, which is hard to get used to reading at first, but cuts out a lot of the unnessecary wordiness that one has to put up with when reading most other personal zines.

Blurt! was one of the zines that was featured in the Austin compzine Capitol City 'Zine Compilation, published in 2007. Blurt! is distributed by Microcosm, Parcell Press, Little Type, Arcade Distro, and Stickfigure Distro.