Blind Grave Robber

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Blind Grave Robber is a chapbook of poetry by Garret Schuelke. It was self-published in February 2008. It contains 21 poems and is 41 pages long.

It is availible for free for anyone who wants it, according to the authors Myspace.

Index of Poems

  • After the Execution
  • Abbott
  • The Martial Arts Master
  • Reading Raegan Butcher 5 ½ Hours Before I Have To Get Up To Go To Work
  • Blind Grave Robber
  • Violent Urges
  • Acting Childish (for Billy Childish)
  • Benazir
  • Fish Care
  • My Dead Grandpa Almost Married A Mexican Woman
  • NUMBER!!!
  • In Gods Image
  • You Know Your Encyclopedia Is Old…
  • You Know Your World Map Is Old…
  • Worth Every Dollar
  • Fake Leather
  • How to Read a Thomas Wolfe Novel
  • Last Ditch Effort
  • Shooters
  • This Wouldn’t Have Happened in Japan
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Things Are Gonna Get Ugly