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*''Blind Grave Robber''
*''Blind Grave Robber''
*''Violent Urges''
*''Violent Urges''
*''Acting Childish (for Billy Childish)''
*''Acting Childish (for [[Billy Childish]])''
*''Fish Care''
*''Fish Care''

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Blind Grave Robber is a chapbook of poetry by Garret Schuelke. It was self-published in February 2008. It contains 21 poems and is 41 pages long.

Index of Poems

  • After the Execution
  • Abbott
  • The Martial Arts Master
  • Reading Raegan Butcher 5 ½ Hours Before I Have To Get Up To Go To Work
  • Blind Grave Robber
  • Violent Urges
  • Acting Childish (for Billy Childish)
  • Benazir
  • Fish Care
  • My Dead Grandpa Almost Married A Mexican Woman
  • NUMBER!!!
  • In Gods Image
  • You Know Your Encyclopedia Is Old…
  • You Know Your World Map Is Old…
  • Worth Every Dollar
  • Fake Leather
  • How to Read a Thomas Wolfe Novel
  • Last Ditch Effort
  • Shooters
  • This Wouldn’t Have Happened in Japan
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Things Are Gonna Get Ugly