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Blast Off is a zine written by Irish zinester Kevin Kavanagh from Co.Wexford, Ireland.

Editor Kavanagh is the sole contributor. Two issues have been printed so far, with a third to follow. The name has no specific meaning, but is simply the title of a song the author was listening to at the time.

The first issue was published in July 2006,and sold at punk gigs in Wexford town throughout August of the same year,and after. The second issue was written and sold in October of the same year,although to a much smaller extent. A second run of Blast Off 2 has yet to be completed.

Blast Off is a perzine,and explores the author's feelings, politics, interests,and occurences that have taken place involving the author. Some of the topics covered in the first two issues include anarchy, revolution, nationalism, depression, fear, and confusion. A third zine will be sold in October 2007,along with a re-print of both earlier issues. The third issue of Blast Off will differ greatly from the first two issues, as it is simply a journal style coverage of the Authors first week in college. Blast Off 3 will most likely be the first zine sold through World War VII, a new distro set up by Kevin Kavanagh in Wexford.