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Third issue

The name Blackjack & Nutten (German for "Blackjack and whores") got Samantha Bail, the editor of this fanzine from a quote from the TV-show Futurama. Bender says there "Yeah, well, I‘m gonna go build my own theme park. With blackjack, and hookers! In fact… forget the park!“

This zine is dealing with everything around pop culture and is available for free in some record stores or from their homepage. It's funded by advertisements.


#1 December 2006: Deichkind, Camera Obscura, Snow Patrol,indie crossword puzzle, indie-paperdoll

#2 May 2007: Constantines, male groupies, a rebus, interviews with female DJ's, about the TV-show Sexy Sport Clips, stereotypes in movies

#3 October 2007: Peer, about Bob Ross and The joy of painting, Peter Saville & modernism, a poster

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