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[http://blackguard23.livejournal.com Blackguard website]
[http://blackguard23.livejournal.com Blackguard website]

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Blackguard is a themed comix anthology from Sydney, Australia, edited by Stratu (Sick Puppy Comix, 1996-2003, 13 issues]. The first issue was published in October 2008 with the theme *Religious Crazies*.

Blackguard #1 : Religious Crazies [October 2008] Contributors: Anton Emdin, Ross Radiation, Gerard Ashworth, Mike Diana, Max Black, Nelae Blanden, Doug Iannucci, Julie Doye, Hugo, Mannheim Jerkoff, Christina Fabris, Chris Mikul, David Puckeridge, Khe Sanh, SCAR and Glenn Smith.

Blackguard #2 : Father (To be published May 2009)

Blackguard website