Black Carrot

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Black Carrot is a zine written by Pups (formally Puppy Dave). So far there are four issues. It is a mix of 1/3 per zine, 1/3 punk zine and 1/3 queer zine.

Issue #1 talked about the funny and shitty things that happened in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades. Lots of swearing, smoking, bullying, woe, and preteen heartbreak. It also talks about living on a farm in Muhos, Finland.

Issue #2 talked about having a shitty food service job, a "year in review", having a crush on a much older lady at said shitty food service job, depressing homosexual stories, a really long intro, hiking on the Appalacian Trail.

Issue #3 talked about gender and the lack of, a queerpunk story, more hiking on the Appalacian Trail, and a passionate public proclomation of love and lust for punkrock.

Issue #4 talks about going to New York City, a hat, queer punk rock, Easter Island, Chicago's public transit, working a lot, time travel.

Issues of all these are available.