Black Carrot

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Black Carrot is a zine written by Pups (formally Puppy Dave). So far there are four issues. It is a mix of 1/3 per zine, 1/3 punk zine and 1/3 queer zine.

Issue #1 talked about the funny and shitty things that happened in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades. Lots of swearing, smoking, bullying, woe, and preteen heartbreak. It also talks about living on a farm in Muhos, Finland.

Issue #2 talked about having a shitty food service job, a "year in review", having a crush on a much older lady at said shitty food service job, depressing homosexual stories, a really long intro, hiking on the Appalacian Trail.

Issue #3 talked about gender and the lack of, a queerpunk story, more hiking on the Appalacian Trail, and a passionate public proclomation of love and lust for punkrock.

Issue #4 talks about going to New York City, a hat, queer punk rock, Easter Island, Chicago's public transit, working a lot, time travel.

Issue #5 is the health issue. Talks about dealing with shitty childhood asthmar and horrible allergies. Also goes into taking Tae Kwon Do for many years, and then wiping out on your bike. Fucking yea.

Issue #6 Is the most current issue, where it goes on and on about working as a screen printer and bowling and punk and different types of jobs.. It's really a great zine, you should get it!

Issues of all these are available.