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Black Book Press (BBP) published its first Issue in September of 2004. Spanning only 5 pages, the first issue contined some poetry, visual artwork, and flyers to help promote the cause. From there, the first few issues remained extreemly small and local each consisting of 5 pages, all the way through Issue 4 which was published in February of 2005.

At issue 5 (April 2005), Black Book Press switched from full page format to half sized format and became 20 pages in length. From there BBP moved on to issue 6 in September of 2005, and became a monthly publicatiton which has been printed every month since that date.

Issues 5-8 are half sized with a white paper cover.

Issues 9-present are half size and have various colored paper covers, and has held steady at 22 pages per issue publishing about 19 writers each month.

The zine has a myspace page at:

and has been carried at Chicago Comics and quimby's books in the past, although now, most copies are sold through the zine directly by snail mail.

Black book Press Aims to publish poetry with an edge, that you might nor find in other palces. Although many contributors have found the zine listed in Poets Market, the zine also gets contributions from people online, and trys to draw writers localy through flyers, posters and stickers.

Currently receives about 40 submissions per month. Looking for: Poetry, Concert and CD reviews, Book Reviews, photography, art, Mail art.

Does not publish: Religious work, racist work, Nature Poetry, Greeting card verse.