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[[Image:logo-for-decal-shop12.jpg|thumb|right|alt=Logo for bird in the Hand|[[Bird in the Hand]] zine shop]]
[[Image:Bith_logo.jpg|thumb|right|alt=Logo for bird in the Hand|[[Bird in the Hand]] zine shop]]
=Zine Shop=
=Zine Shop=

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Bird in the Hand zine shop


Zine Shop

Bird in the Hand is a zine shop and distro run by Susy Pow in Newcastle, Australia. The retail shop is located at 100a King Street, Newcastle.

Bird in the Hand is open three days a week - Thursday to Saturday (11-4pm). The shop not only acts as a selling space but also houses a range of typewriters, staplers, pens/pencils and photocopier that are available for use by anyone who visits. Bird in the Hand was also the first zine shop in Australia to have an online store.

The zine shop operates on subsidised rent through the Renew Newcastle project, which was established to find short and medium term uses for buildings in Newcastle's CBD that are currently vacant, disused, or awaiting redevelopment.

Bird in the Hand accepts all zines on consignment with a small thirty percent commission.


Bird in the Hand regularly holds zinemaking days, zine launches and other related events, which are advertised on the shop's blog. During 2009 Bird in the Hand teamed up with Newcastle's famous Octapod Zine Library to hold zinemaking days once a month at alternating venues. The first was held at Bird in the Hand on 25 July 2009.


PO Box 106
Newcastle NSW 2300

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