Bird Habit

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Bird_Habit.1 Dreams of Dust


The first in the series. Based on 4 dreams that are re-interpreted/re-worked to step outside of any dream interpretation book. EXCERPT - '...Bird_Habit was shown to me from a dream Set soaring, I am told stories to share and pictures to tie it together Zine #3 for me but a 1st it is for the series – A place to shape dreams and cut a path for the future Home truths Memory + mimic Shapes from an ago, almost forgotten…until now A watchful eye is a hand waiting Sounding out my song Peck…Peck…Peck...' Black + white laser printed on 110gsm paper. A6 Portrait format 10 pages (20 sides) 6 full page illustrations PLUS a 2 page Illustrated middle spread. Included are - 1 Book token Pledge Sneak peak at Issue #2