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Billy the Bunny, (aka Billy Roberts) aka Billy McCall, has been writing zines since the year 1997. For several years he ran Loop Distro. Loop Distro is one of the pre-emminent zine distribution corporations of Chicago, but closed down when Billy moved out of Chicago. Billy is known to dress in a bunny suit and wear large diamond encrusted silver bling in the shape of a dollar sign.

Billy has written a number of zines, and is coming out with more all the time. Here are just a few:

  • Notnivy (9 issues)
  • Christian Punk?
  • xStrenthgx
  • Her (5 issues)
  • Proof I Exist (15 issues and counting)
  • Professor Davis
  • Zine Kids Go To Copy-Town
  • Last Night at the Casino (2 issues and counting)

He also writes 2 monthly newsletters which can be purchased by giving him stamps. He has also written a book called Harold's Horrible Life. His zines can be purchased through