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Biblio eroticus (Moe, Vic.: Leah Bryan, 1999-), this zine was a continuation of Bordello.


  • Numbering begins with no. 4 as it continues from Bordello, no. 3.
  • Two copies of no. 4 were issued; one has a white wrap-around with the classification details from the Office of Film and literature. It was sold in a plastic bag containing a condom.
  • From issue no. 5 onwards, the editor, Leah Bryan, changed her name to Leah Baroque.

External Links

  • Return of the vice police an article in The Age newspaper about a Victorian Police raid on Brunswick Street bookstore Polyester and the removal by police of this zine and subsequent need to have it classified by The Office of Film and Literature Classification
  • Magazines:An Exhibition of material from the Monash University Library Collection, 19 December 2002 to 5 May 2003.