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Ben Snakepit is a zinester and artist from Austin, Texas, USA.

Ben is best known as the creator of Snakepit sine. Snakepit is a comic zine that features a three panel comic about each day of Ben's life. He has cited Jim's Journal', a comic that appeared in The Onion, as his inspiration. Some issues of Snakepit have appeared as a split with zines such as Clutch, Tight Pants, Amazing Adult fantasy and Gullible. Contributors to Snakepit have included Janelle Hessig of Tales Of Blarg. The zine is published quarterly. As well, Ben has released the zine in one-year anthologies. Snakepit has also been published by Gorky press as a book featuring three years of Ben Snakepit's comic life, with a forword by Aaron Cometbus.

Ben has released two one shot zines, Pills and Going To California.

Ben's work has also appeared in zines such as Capitol City 'Zine Compilation and Twenty-four hours.

Ben Snakeput is also a musician and has played with a number of bands.



Snakepit, published by Gorky Press


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