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* Hillary Harrison (publisher/editor)
* Hillary Harrison (editor/publisher)
* Amber Martin (associate publisher)
* Amber Martin (advertising)
* Matt Dobson (designer)
* Jason Pierce (designer)
* Lindsey Jilbert (photo editor)
* Kate Sachs (music reviews editor)
* Kate Sachs (reviews editor)
* Julie Leidner (copy editor)
* Julie Leidner (copy editor)

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Bejeezus zine is a Louisville-based publication focusing on art, music, and culture.

Portions of the print zine will be made available online in the future.


  • Hillary Harrison (editor/publisher)
  • Amber Martin (advertising)
  • Jason Pierce (designer)
  • Kate Sachs (music reviews editor)
  • Julie Leidner (copy editor)

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