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Created by Sabrina Margarita Alcantara-Tan in 1995, the manifesto for Bamboo Girl states:

"Challenging racism, sexism, & homophobia from the Filipina/Asian Pacific Islander (API)/Asian mutt feminist point of view since 1995."

Bamboo Girl is based in NYC (although Sabrina will soon be moving to New Britain, CT) and is published annually or biannually, whenever there is the money to.

Bamboo Girl was featured in the compilation issue of Outpunk, which featured a collection of excerpts from zines the editor believed important. As well, Sabrina Alcantara-Tan appeared in the documentary film Grrlyshow, directed by Kara Herold, speaking about her zine alongside other female zine editors.

Bamboo Girl is included in the Sophia Smith Zine Collection at Smith College.

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