Badger's Dozen

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Badger's Dozen is a quarterly humour zine being published in Melbourne, Australia, by Tim Train.

Nine issues have been published so far. The first was published just after Christmas 2009, and the most recent just before Christmas 2011.

Each issue begins with a 'Badgertorial' written by 'Badger', who is a gruff, tweed-wearing, pipe-smoking European badger. Badger is presented as the editor of the zine. Many covers feature an image of Badger in various poses. The zine publishes poetry, opinion columns, cartoons, parodic news stories, parodic advertisements, and fiction.

Each issue contains a cast of contributors; some names are pseudonyms. Badger's Dozen contributors include Tim Train, St. John Nottleby, and Baron von Harlot.

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