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Bad Touch is a photo copied zine out of Kent, Ohio of mostly musical criticism and bawdy, low-brow humor. The zine started in Akron, Ohio in the winter of 2004 (issue one was released the day after Christmas) and has been published erratically (the time between issues has ranged from two weeks to six months) ever since. The last issue to be released was the tenth. Bad Touch has included comics, record reviews, fiction, homoerotic fanfiction, local gossip, and more, though the average issue contains comics, a short peice of fiction, and an article on a local band that is almost always negative and scathing in tone. The music articles often elicit a negtive reaction and the issue three article on Cleveland rock band Amps II Eleven prompted the band's bassist, Tony Erba, to send Bad Touch creator Elias Newton a series of death threats, though no physical action materialized from the threats. The most notable feature of the publication is its consistent offensiveness, often dedicating entire pages to "cum jokes" and Newton was once heard to remark "There's a reason it ain't called 'Good Touch.'" File:Scan0001.jpg