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Baby BEEF heART is an art(s) zine from Dublin, Ireland. Created by Sarah Bracken and Andrea Byrne.

Baby BEEF heART was created from a collaboration of two artistic minds whose objective is to rebel against the gallery system and bring art to the streets. The zine aims to gather anything creative which includes art, poetry, film, music, short stories from all over the world, through the internet and by post /mail in order to create an art fanzine for the people by the people.

Baby BEEF heART is free and contributors are able to submit work freely. There are no advertisements in the zine. There is no censorship of the pieces submitted to the zine. The money needed for printing and paper costs are made from gigs in Dublin, where the underground Irish music scene is show-cased.

The zine began in 2007 and is still a young initiative which hopes to promote itself extensively throughout Ireland with flyers and street art in gig venues and cafes. The zine aims to publish the best pieces of future issues eventually in a book format. The zine welcomes trading with other zinesters as well as rants, personal quote, song lyrics, poems, short stories etc as contributions for future issues.

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