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Baby BEEF is a collaboration of two strange artistic minds who's objective is to rebel against the gallery system and bring art to the streets. Our aim is to gather all forms of art, poetry, film, music, short stories (anything creative) from all over the world,through the internet and by post /mail and create fanzines of art for the people by the people.

Rest assured the fanzine is FREE.... and you can submit your work at no cost.There will be NO ADS, only the odd gig listing.Which also means no censorship!!!

All money needed for printing and paper costs are made from gigs in Dubin, where the best of the underground irish music scene will be show-cased.Make sure to keep an eye out for these events and come lend your support, we cant make it possible without you guys.

Baby BEEF are fairly fresh meat,but be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the streets, gig venues and cafes around Dublin (and each city we visit) for our zines, flyers and secret street art. Eventually the best pieces from all our fanzines will be put together in a book and hopefully published.

WE LIKE TO TRADE,so send us a zine and we'll send one back!

Got somethin' to say? Somethin' to get off your chest or just somethin' you want to tell the world? Then we want to hear it!

Send us your rants, personal quotes, song lyrics, poems, short stories, or even just some weird and wonderful experience you've had....

baby BEEF want to hear it and will print it in one of our next issues!

note: keep it short people we do get tight on space!

send your submissions to or just check us out on myspace [2]

or email us at