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Awkward Turtle Comix is a home-copied comic zine started by [Thom Finley] in 2006. It features experimental comics stories of varrying style, written and drawn by Finley or the occassional guest artist. Thus far one issue has been published, with a second issue due out in fall 2007. The circulation of the book is very small (typically about 2-10 copies per issue) and is self distributed by Finley from his website at [[1]] and at local comic shops in St. Louis, MO.


Issue one: Hey Kids! Comics! -"Hush" (8 pages) -"The Punch and Judy Show" (

Issue two: Awkward Turtlefest(due out in fall 2007) -"Little Man in the Big City" (9 pages) -"No More Dead Cats" (1 page) -"The Adventures of Tall and Short" (1 Page)

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