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The Australian Science Fiction Review (second series) was an Australian science fiction fanzine.

ASFR (second series), was the final incarnation of a science fiction fanzine that included the Australian Science Fiction Newsletter (1958-1966), the Australian Science Fiction Review (June 1966- June 1969), and Scythrop (December 1969 and Summer 1973-1974).The Australian Science Fiction Review. Second Series It ran from March 1986 till March/May 1991.

ASFR (second series) was published by Ebony Books for the Science Fiction Collective in six volumes (Vol. 1, no. 1-v. 6, no. 2), before its final issue in March/May 1991.

The Editorial Collective was Jenny Blackford, Russell Blackford, John Foyster, Yvonne Rousseau, Lucy Sussex, and Janeen Webb.

Australian Science Fiction Review won the Ditmar Award for Best Fanzine in 1991.

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