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'''External Link'''
'''External Link'''
[[Rhizome Collective on Wikipedia|]]
[ Rhizome Collective on Wikipedia]
[[Category:Zine Library]]
[[Category:Zine Library]]

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The Austin Zine Library
The Austin Zine Library
The Austin Zine Library was started in 2003 by Josh Medsker with the help of Zach Vowell. Later, Cheetara Thundercats took over when Josh moved to New York City. The AZL was housed inside the Rhizome Collective in east Austin and was comprised of roughly 3,000-4,000 titles, some of which were from the Safe Haven zine library, some from personal collections, and some from zinesters around the country. The AZL hosted benefits and readings featuring many Austin bands and authors including Neal Pollack and had the pleasure of collaborating with Clamor Magazine for the first Clamor Music Festival in 2004.

External Link

Rhizome Collective on Wikipedia

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