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Auckland Zinefest is the first dedicated zine event in the city of Auckland, New Zealand in 4 years.

It will be held on the 15th of August 2009 at Cross Street Studios in Newton, Auckland.

Both Auckland Zinefest and Cross Street Studios are non for profit, and aim to incubate and promote local awareness in their fields (zines and art spaces/galleries respectively).

Previous Zinefests in Auckland

In previous years (2003 - 2005) Small Print (aka Auckland Zinefest) was the main zine event in Auckland. Originally, it had planned to be an annual event - however only turned out as a biannual event before it ceased to run again.

Local zine maker Moira Clunie has since taken on the 'Small Print' pseudonym/url for her blog about "zines, comics and small press in auckland, new zealand".

Last year in 2008, Ladyfest Auckland hosted a mini zine day in association with it's festivities, also held at Cross Street Studios.

Previous Zinefests in New Zealand

Previously, Wellington Zinefest has been organised by Kylie Buck and Kim Gruschow (from Wellington City Zine Library and Guillotine Teen Zine, respectively) in 2007 and 2008. Wellington Zinefest will be taking a break this year.

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