Attack of the zombie soy bot!

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Attack Of the Zombie Soy Bot! is perzine written by tOM Dewing out of Pittsburgh, PA and was started in fall of 2004.

Every issue is a collection of short stories and comics from everyday life. tOM takes everyday dialog and points out the humor with in it. Every issue has one record review. The zine started out as funny stories and has turned more into a comic zine with some stories.

The name of this zine came from eating lunch one day with a friend in the dining hall. tOM ate way too many dishes with soy in them. He told his friend that he felt like a “zombie soy bot.”

Issue List

  • Issue 1. Stories from the summer and fall of 2004. Trip to the 10 year Plan-It-X fest and random stories about tOM's friends.
  • Issue 2. Talk about: a friend’s death, a failed raft trip, new flavor of PEZ, an awkward back rub, a mini tour with Danger To The System and more.
  • Issue 3. Split zine with The Rusty Anchor. Comics and stories from my everyday life: leaving hometowns behind, promises with friends, rides from strangers, seeing eye dogs, etc. 30 pages
  • Issue 4: Continuing in stories and comics of everyday life. Stories of strip clubs and taking yellow jackets. (40% stories / 60% comics) 36 pages, printed on cover stock paper. First pressing on canary cover stock. Second pressing on deep canary cover stock.
  • Issue 5: First half of a journal, from when I went on tour with Alex And The Imaginary Friends and Project: Citizen. Traveling from Pittsburgh to California in a van with 4 other guys. Documents the ups and downs of everyday on the road, from rest stops to conversions in the van to the actual show. 46 pages. Size: 7x8.5
  • Issue 6: Second half of a journal, from when I went on tour with Alex And The Imaginary Friends and Project: Citizen. The group splits up. One half of the group travels from California back to Pittsburgh on a Greyhound Bus. The zine is a journal but also a personal refection on friendship and strengthening relationships with people. 42 pages. Size: 7x8.5
  • Issue 7: Back to the comic style. Comics of getting caught dumpster diving, brief interactions with Matt Skiba, a raccoon, customers at work, co-workers, friends and much more. Essay on monogamy vs. non-monogamy. 36 pages, printed on white cover stock paper.
  • Issue 8: All Comics! Contains three longer than normal comics: an original coming of age tale, party week and I bet you won’t jump that dead squirrel! 16 pages, printed on cover stock paper.
  • Issue 9: Issue featuring comics drawn by zine publisher Artnoose as a guest artist. Topics include mostly activities that Tom and Artnoose have done together.

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