Atres Artes

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Atres Artes was a science fiction fanzine by Harold Cheney, Jr.

Three issues of Atres Artes came out in the 1940s.

The final issue, Volume 1, number 3 was released in 1946. It featured articles by Joe Kennedy (Vampire), F. Towner Laney (The Acolyte) Rick Sneary, and Jack Riggs (Lethe).

Along with Lethe, [Black Flames]], Chanticleer, Fantasy Fiction Telegram, Futuria Fantasia, Le Zombie, Nova, and Shangri L'Affaires, and Voice of the Imagi-Nation, Atres Artes was included in the anthology fanzine Pacificon Combozine for the 1946 Pacificon Fourth World Science-Fiction Convention.