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Atomiser was a comix anthology edited by Stratu and published a year after the final issue of Sick Puppy Comix. It was intended to be a series of themed issues, the first being *Ancient*. The second issue, *Father*, was never published. Stratu, after a six-year hiatus, began a new comix anthology, Blackguard, another themed series, the second of which is to pick up the *Father* theme from the unfinished Atomiser #2.

Atomiser #1 [April 2003] Marcel Ruijters, Glenn Smith, Doug Iannucci, Mike Diana, Neale Blanden, Anton Emdin, Boz, The J Man, Ryan Vella, Martin Humphreys, Gregory Mackay, SCAR, Simon James, Stratu, David Aronson, Josh Simmons.

Interview conducted between Sick Puppy Comix and Atomiser #1