Astral Dimensions

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Astral Dimensions was a fanzine edited by Chris Marler and Mark Jacobs.

Astral Dimensions was devoted to speculative and weird fiction published in the 1970s.

Featured were writers Joseph Payne Brennan (Macabre (U.S.A.), Steve Bride, C.C. Clingan (The Diversifier), Ron Fortier, Ken Hahn (Jeet), Phillip C. Heath, Wayne Hooks, Robert A.W. Lowdnes, David Madison, A.K. Molnar, Gary Robert Muschla, H. Walter Munn, E. Hoffman Price, Wilum Pugmire (Old Bones, Midnight Fantasies), Glenn Rahman, Jessica Amanda Salmonson (The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror), Charles Saunders, Stephanie Stearns, and Frances Watson.

Also featured was a reprint from Weird Tales of "The Silver Key" by H. P. Lovecraft.

Poetry was by Joseph Payne Brennan, Brian Lumley, Michael Fantina, and Stephanie Stearns.

Covers were by Ken Raney (#5), Clifford Bird (#6). Portfolios by by Gene Day (Dark Fantasy) were also featured. Included in issue 6 was a pictorial portfolio based on H.P. Lovecraft by artists Clifford Bird, Gene Day, Todd Klein, Allen Koszowsik and Stephen Riley.

Letters came from Andre Norton, Ted Pons.Category;Lovecraft

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