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Asswipe is a zine based out of Oakland, CA created by Vanessa X.

Asswipe was created in April of 2012 in Los Angeles. With a heavy emphasis on humor, underground culture, music, and random drawings and comics, Asswipe is a zine that has something for everyone.


PO Box 1241 Oakland, CA 94604 USA


Asswipe #1 - 24 Pages of Pure Shit! / A Zine to Wipe Your Ass With

Asswipe #2 - Cheap! Easy to Read! Fun!

Asswipe #3 - Before There Was Earth There Was…

Asswipe #4 - Music Culture Shit

Asswipe #5 - Interview Issue and Other Stuff…

Asswipe #6 - A list of Oakland house venues, scams, and a road trip to LA Zine Fest.

Asswipe #7 - “A Pink Pile Tour Diary” | March 2015

Asswipe #8 - Full sized issue with lots of reviews, an interview with Sara Century, and the death of Copy Edge.

Asswipe #9 - split issue with Vacation #3. Mostly about the current state of Berkeley, CA

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