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Asha Anderson is a poet living in Nevada. Her work has appeared in various publications including Byline Magazine, Westwind Review, Skidrow Penthouse and Poetry Motel. She wrote and published five issues of the the zine Reddog Review before suspending the title in 2003.

During the 1970s, Asha Anderson was the assistant editor and writer for the Brijbasi Spirit, a journal published for a yoga community in West Virginia, where she lived at the time. The editor disappeared under suspicious circumstances and she and the rest of the press group left the society shortly after that as the political climate became increasingly more hostile and dangerous. Following a few years in seclusion, she reemerged in Ashland, Oregon and founded SkyRiver Press, a letterpress operation which ran briefly before being dissolved by divorce in 1987.

Opinionated and outspoken, Asha Anderson was very active in the discussions and battles in alt.zines until the newsgroup finally imploded and people drifted on to other venues. At that time, August of 2003, she established the blog Language Barrier and a few years later got involved with Ash Canyon Poets, a long standing group in Carson City, Nevada. She was the driving force behind the creation of Ash Canyon Review and website. However, due to a variety of reasons, these projects were short-lived. Following that, she launched Driftwork, the zine and website. This had an anything goes format more to her liking but she abandon it to travel in Mexico and Central America.

Asha resides in Nevada and remains connected to Ash Canyon Poets. She spends about half the year traveling.

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