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Asha Anderson is a poet, photographer, sometimes artist. She wrote and published two zines, Reddog Review and Ghostwriter.

Anderson has collaborated on various poetry, theater and performance projects including late night radio shows. She founded SkyRiver Press and was a regular participant in the discussions and flame wars on alt.zines. Living on the road, she maintains an ongoing narrative on whatever from wherever at Language Barrier. A collection of her photos reside on flickr, instagram and imgur. Her poems and stories have appeared in various publications including 300.000 (Years of Us), a Poetry Anthology, The Fine Line, Skidrow Penthouse, Sein und Werden, Poetry Motel, Westwind Review, Whirligig, Byline Magazine, and Brijibasi Spirit.



  • 300.000 (Years of Us)
  • A Poetry Anthology
  • Byline Magazine
  • Brijibasi Spirit
  • The Fine Line
  • Poetry Mote
  • Sein und Werden
  • Skidrow Penthouse
  • Westwind Review
  • Whirligig

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