Asha Anderson

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Asha's stories and poems have appeared in various publications including Whirligig, Byline Magazine, Westwind Review, Skidrow Penthouse, Sein und Werden, Poetry Motel, and Brijibasi Spirit.

Asha Anderson is a poet, photographer, and the founder of SkyRiver Press, a letterpress operation that later became digital. Her zines, Reddog Review and Ghostwriter, are on indefinite hiatus but still available POD. During its peak, Anderson was a regular participant in the discussions and flame wars on alt.zines. She has collaborated on various poetry, theater and performance projects including late night radio shows. Currently living most of the year in Europe, Anderson continues to write, take a lot of photos and read at open mic venues whenever possible. She blogs at Language Barrier, an ongoing narrative on whatever from wherever. Some of her poetry is posted at Anna Sadhorse and a few of her photos are on flickr, instagram and imgur.

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