Arthur Louis Joquel II

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Arthur Louis Joquel II was an editor and publisher of science fiction, fantasy and paranormal-oriented fanzines from the 1940s through the 1960s.

Occassionally, he published poetry under the pseudonym "Fywert Kinge".

An obituary for Joquel, written by Forrest J Ackerman, was published in the Luna Monthly #52 (May 1974)


  • California Anti-Scientist (1941) (never distributed)
  • Circus Day Is Over (essay by Tiffany Elsworth Thayer) (Coventry Publications)
  • Coventry
  • Embers and Ashes (poetry collection by James Kepner)
  • Fanfile
  • FMZ Digest
  • FutuREsearch
  • Scorpio
  • Shangri L'Afffaires (selected issues from 1942-1946)
  • Songs for Sorrow and Beauty (poetry collection by James Kepner) (Coventry Publications)
  • Songs with Certain Dissonances (poetry collection by Frances Mayer) (Coverntry Publications)
  • Spectra
  • Specula
  • Sun Trails



  • After Armageddon and others (1941) (poetry pamphlet, as by Fywert Kinge)
  • Black Noon (1941) (poetry pamphlet, as by Fywert Kinge) (Introduction by T. Bruce Yerke)
  • The Challenge of Space (1952)