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Art for Art's Shake [2] is a Spanish fanzine created in 2012 by Claudia SP Rubiño and Cristina Ahita
Art for Art's Shake #6 cover by Chromatic Nü [1]
Sanz. Originally, it contained mainly poems and other prose texts and it's because the first number of this zine was developed during English literature lessons and free hours spent in college. Little by little more illustrations have been included and photography and music started to take part in this project too.


The idea of this zine is to help amateur artists to make their works public and, somehow, to make the world a bit more artistic. At the beginning, as we already said, it was mainly literary -both of the founders are literature lovers and both of them had been writing before in a more private way- but there was always a place for some illustrations. And later there has been some photographs, now a lot of illustrations and even music.

How it started

During their last university year and after attending some lectures about independent writing, Claudia SP Rubiño, English Studies' student (Filología Inglesa), told her friend and colleague Cristina Ahita Sanz about her idea of making her own fanzine. Some English and American literature lessons after, they decided to carry out this project together. Some other colleagues and classmates joined in, and several weeks and a lot of DIY later the first number of Art for Art's Shake could be found in the more popular pubs of the cultural scene in Valladolid (Spain). At the beginning they didn't think that they were going to continue with the zine after college, but nowadays there are seven numbers already published.


Most of the issues are written mainly in Spanish, although is not the only one because English is quite present too. In the last issue there is also a poem in French. Writers of any language are more than welcome to colaborate.

Where to find it

Art for Art's Shake is ditributed in Valladolid and Barcelona (Spain), in London (UK) and in Grenoble (France). There are also issuu versions of the first 6 numbers (the seventh will be uploaded soon) and you can find here the links:

- Art for Art's Shake #1 [3]

- Art for Art's Shake #2 [4]

- Art for Art's Shake #3 [5]

- Art for Art's Shake #4 (Special issue "The end of the world") [6]

- Art for Art's Shake #5 [7]

- Art for Art's Shake #6 [8]

- Art for Art's Shake #7 [9]

Social newtworks

To be up-to-date, you can like their facebook page [10] or follow them on twitter [11].