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Art Bureau cover by Mulheres Barbadas

Art Bureau is an art zine fostering a grassroots approach in promoting artists, graphic designers and the art community. The zine's half-size, landscape-format, provides ample room for artwork and articles about artistic collaborations, networking and art organizations.

Since 2002, Seventeen issues have been published. Contributors include: Kelsey Brookes, Katy Horan, Linzie Hunter, Hannah Stouffer, Daria Tessler, Junichi Tsuneoka, Bubi Au Yeung and others.

Zines & Books

  • Art Bureau zine 2002-present, 17 issues
  • Art Bureau Comix 2010, comic digest
  • No Through Road 2007, poetry chapbook
  • Bring Down The Sun 2005, poetry chapbook

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