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Argentus is a science fiction fanzine by Steven H. Silver.

Argentus was first published in Illinois, U.S.A. in Fall 2001, and has appeared annually ever since. The most recent issue is issue 11, released in 2011.

Covers, in order of publication, are by Sue Mason (#1), Sheryl Birkhead (#2), Bob Eggleton (#3), Brad W. Foster (#4), Steven H. Silver (#5), Frank Wu (#6), Deb Kosiba ($7), Delphyne Woods (#8), Mo Starkey (#9), Steve Stiles (#10) and Mo Starkey (#11).

Art work is by Brad Foster, Trinlay Khadro, Deb Kisoba, William Rotsler, Taral Wayne (DNQ), and Frank Wu.

Contributions have come from Chris Garcia (The Drink Tank), Mike Glyer (File 770), John Hertz, Paul Kincaid, Evelyn Leeper, Mark Leeper, Joseph Major (Alexiad), Larry Niven, Marc Ortleib (The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet, Tigger), Joyce Scrivner,

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