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The Arcade Distro [1] was run out of Austin from 2002- 2005 by Jessica Champion, who also wrote Option Paralysis Zine. The distro was passed down to her from a friend who no longer had the time to run the distro. Her instructions were to never let the distro die; if she couldn't continue it, she would have to pass it on. For years, she sucessfully distributed a wide range of zines including Blurt!, Truckface, and Avow. There was no patricular theme, though the distro reflected her personal preference for,, and political literature. The Arcade Distro was on an indefinite hiatus from 2005- 2007, as Jessica no longer had time to run the distro, commenting that running a website and the mail order aspects of a distro are very time consuming. In June of 2007, she kept her promise to pass down the Arcade Distro, and mailed the reaining 'zines to Houston kids Aaron and Lauren, who are both involved on varying levels with projects including Greasespot zine, and the Capitol City Zine Compilation.


Aaron and Lauren have begun tabling at hardcore shows in the Houston area. Their plan is to sell the zines that were passed down to them in order to raise money to buy zines that are more in line with their own interests. The new Arcade Distro will focus on carrying free anarchist/ radical political literature, and as many as they can track down. The Arcade Distro Website should be up and running again by the end of summer 2007.

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