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Apparatchik (properly spelled APPAЯATCHIK), was a science fiction fanzine by Andrew Hooper, Carl Juarez, and Victor Gonzalez.

Apparatchik, nicknamed "Apak", was published first twice week, and then three times a week in the 1990s in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. The final, 80th, issue was dated June 20, 1997.

Contributors of writing included Gregory Benford, Randy Byers, Steve Green (Critical Wave, Thunderbox), Mark Manning, Lesley Reece, Dan Steffan (Boonfark), Pam Wells (Pulp, Attitude), and Ted White.

Contributors of art work included Lesley Reese.

It won the FAAn Award for Best Fanzine two years in a row, in 1995, and 1996.