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Issues I and II with their respective button series
Issues I and II with their respective button series

Aorta VI is a collaborative Comic Zine by the Aorta VI Collective, Jared Blunk, Pj Kneisel, Sam Graham and Tyler Stafford who were trying to figure out a way of making a living from doing the work that they loved. It is published in Redondo Beach, California, U.S.A.

The focus is mainly on collaborative comic work which follows a sort of round-robin/every-other-frame style with different orders of Tyler's, Sam's, Pj's and Jared's artwork.

There have been two Issues and 5 minicomics released since August 2008 as well as a burgeoning daily online comic strip. Each Issue had a set of 3 buttons made in conjunction with it, these are then randomly packaged with their respective issue (and can also be purchased separately for 50 cents)

Issue I was released August 18, 2008 and was a truly amateur effort with an assortment of written work, collaborative and individual comics and solo artwork included within its 40 pages. It is still being sold for $5.00 and there were 100 grayscale copies printed in it's first (and currently only) run and each was hand-numbered.

Issue II was released February 7, 2009 and was a much more cohesive effort with a focus on collaborative and individual visual art and no written work (aside from the three creators respective "My Life 2009" updates.) There were 40 pages as with Issue I but no specific numbering. It is also still being sold for $5.00 and the first printing run was limited to 30 grayscale copies.

The Red Sky was an offshoot minicomic which was also released February 7, 2009 and was originally intended to be the first full-color release from Aorta VI but was instead printed in grayscale and was sold for $1.00 (though most copies were given away for promotional purposes.) The first (and currently only) printing run was limited to 20 copies.

Aorta VI Collections a and b were released December 20, 2009 and were minicomic collections that had been made over the course of 2009. Collection a (colloquially called "CHIRP!" as the word appears in the cover comic) featured comics by Sam, Pj and Jared while Collection b (colloquially called "Zonosphere" as the word appears in the cover comic) featured comics by Sam, Pj, Jared and newcomer Tyler Stafford.

Jared and Pj's Terrible Twos was a daily two frame online comic strip (posted at Aorta VI Official Blog as well as various other venues) by two members of Aorta VI: Jared Blunk and Pj Kneisel. It began on December 29, 2009 and ran till April 29, 2010. It is now on indefinite hiatus. #3 featured the tagline: "They exist for all to see, a new one daily, like a fortune for your day. Live your life by these simple gags, some better than others, and all will be ok."

Jared and Pj's Terrible Twos also featured an on going story called Suburban Wounds which focused on a random suburban household with an abusive father, a fat baby (referred to as RoundBaby) and a robot with no mouth. Jared and Pj have plans to expand said story in future endeavors.

The minicomic Despair and minicomic Vampire, Bird, had been made during the first half of 2010 and were released June 30, 2010. Both Despair and Vampire, Bird, were made entirely by Jared, Pj and Tyler. Vampire, Bird, is noteworthy for being the first full length release from Aorta VI to be made backwards (starting with the last frame first.)

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