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Issues I and II with their respective button series
Issues I and II with their respective button series

Three creative artists, Jared Blunk, Pj Kneisel and Sam Graham, were trying to figure out a way of making a living from doing the work that they loved. It all began with a simple collaborative zine called Aorta VI.

The focus was mainly on collaborative comic work which followed a sort of round-robin/every-other-frame style with different orders of Sam, Pj and Jared artwork.

There have been two Issues and a single comic The Red Sky released since August 2008. Each issue had a set of 3 buttons made in conjunction with it, these are then randomly packaged with their respective issue (and can also be purchased seperately for 50 cents)

Issue I was released August 18, 2008 and was a truly amateur effort with an assortment of written work, collaborative and individual comics and solo artwork included within its 40 pages. It is still being sold for $5.00 and there were 100 grayscale copies printed in it's first (and currently only) run and each was hand-numbered.

Issue 2 was released February 7, 2009 and was a much more cohesive effort with a focus on collaborative and individual visual art and no written work (aside from the three creators respective "My Life 2009" updates.) There were 40 pages as with Issue 2 but no specific numbering. It is also still being sold for $5.00 and the first (and currently only) printing run was limited to 30 grayscale copies.

The Red Sky was an offshoot single collaborative comic which was also released Februay 7, 2009 and was originally intended to be the first full-color release from Aorta VI but was instead printed in grayscale and was sold for $1.00 (though most copies were given away for promotional purposes.) The first (and currently only) printing run was limited to 20 copies.

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