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awcomix is a shortened name for self published comix made and produced by Anthony Woodward.

Titles include:

'Velvet soap' A5 #1-3 (1998-2003) A collection of short comic stories, initially inspired by another zinester Andrew Sutherland.

'Void if removed' A5 #1 (1998) Another collection of short comic strips.

'7 pages' A6 #1-21 (2003-2005) A perzine distributed for free in cafes in Ballarat, Australia. Each issue was a folded A4 pages containing 7 pages of sketchbook material

'Scrambled' A6&A5 #1-4 (2004-2005) A zine that contained both sketchbook pages and comics, hence the titlle scrambled.

'7 pages digest' A6 #1-7 (2005-current) A booklet form of the original '7 Pages' perzine. The books contains 16-40 pages of sketchbook drawings and comics instead of the original 7, hence the term digest is used.

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